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1137 Budapest, XIII. Szent István körút 10.
+36 1 349 3580 info@lecsogyorsetterem.hu

At lunch time you can see what you choose from more than 50 kinds of food, as a self-service buffet restaurant. Every day we have soups, vegetable creams (we call főzelék), beef, pork, or deer goulash (pörkölt), lecsó: a vegetable stew with tomato, peppers and onion – a very popular dish in Hungary. Every day you can choose from so many kind of chickens and pork cutlets, fried vegetables and cheese. We recommend daily warm desserts, and the cold sweeties as well. The following list does not mean the daily assortment, just information what is available at lunchtime.

Vegetáriánus Vegetarian

Minden nap megtalálható Every day



Food name Price (Ft) Info
Potato soup 1290
Egg barley soup 1290
Sour egg soup 1290
Tomato soup 1290
Mushroom soup 1290
Cauliflower soup 1290
Green peas soup 1290
Bean goulash soup 1290
Green bean soup 1290
Broccoli cream soup 1290
Celery cream soup 1290
Garlic cream soup 1290
French onion soup 1290
Cabbage soup with sausages 1490
Liver goulash soup 1490
Chicken meat soup 1490
Tarragon turkey ragout soup 1490
Classic goulash soup 1790
Hungarian fishers’ soup (Halászlé) 2450
We serve our soups in half-liter bowl

Vegetable creams


Food name Price (Ft) Info
Potato 1390
Pumpkin 1390
Lentils 1390
Peas 1390
Green peas 1390
Kidney beans 1390
Green beans 1390
Cabbage 1390
Spinach 1390
Sorrel 1390
In Hungarian called „főzelék” is a type of vegetable stew, a special dish in our cuisine, not quite like a soup. Eaten as a main course alone or with meatball, sausages, or goulash stew (pörkölt), or other deep-fried food. Főzelék is typically home-made food by simmerring, with added flour, can be made with a variety of vegetables.

Fries, roasted and oven fried meat


Food name Price (Ft) Info
Fried chicken breast 1490
Fried pork chop 1490
Cordon bleu 1890
Fried chicken leg fillet 1290
Stuffed chicken breast 1890
Meatball 790
Sausages 390
Fried fish 1690
Fried cheese 790
Fried vegetables 1290
Fried onion rings 890


Goulash (stew)


Food name Price (Ft) Info
Beef goulash 2890
Paprika chicken 1990
Pork goulash 2290
Veal goulash 2890
Deer goulash 2890
Chicken liver goulash 1590
Catfish goulash 2890
(Magyar) Bármelyik nap látogat el hozzánk, mindig választhat 3 féle pörkölt vagy ragu közül.

Az alábbi felsorolás tájékoztató jellegű, a teljesség igénye nélkül, és nem a napi választékunkat jelenti.

Ételeink tálalási mennyisége (1 adag): 20 - 25 dkg

Local specialities


Food name Price (Ft) Info
Lecsó with sausages 2290
Brassói 2690
Vadas marha 2690
Stuffed peppers 1990
Stuffed cabbage leaves 2890
Székely cabbage goulash 2690

Fish and vegetarian food


Food name Price (Ft) Info
Fried fish fillet 1790
Roasted fish fillet 1790
Hungarian fishers’ soup 1740
Fried vegetables 990
Oven fried vegetable pie 1590
Vegetable risotto 1590

Pasta, one-plate courses


Food name Price (Ft) Info
Hungarian potato pasta 1890
Hungarian cabbage pasta 1890
Cottage cheese pasta 2390
Spaghetti bolognese 2390
Spaghetti carbonara 2390

Side dishes


Food name Price (Ft) Info
Jasmine rice 850
Dumplings 850
Parsley potatoes 850
Mashed potatoes 850
Fried wedges 850
Croquettes 850
Boiled vegetables 990
Grilled vegetables 1090
(Magyar) Köreteink tálalási mennyisége (1 adag): 14-20 dkg

Salads and pickles


Food name Price (Ft) Info
Hungarian cabbage salad 690
Cucumber salad 750
Red beet salad 750
Mixed pickles 750
Red beet salad 750
(Magyar) Savanyúságaink tálalási mennyisége (1 adag): 12-18 dkg



Food name Price (Ft) Info
Pancake 370
Somlói galuska 1390
Sweet curd cheese balls 1390
Poppy-seed dumplings 1290
Chestnut puree 1290
Strawberry cheese cake 950
Triple chocolate cake 950
Salty caramel cupcake 1290


(Magyar) Desszertjeink tálalási mennyisége (1 adag): 20-45 dkg